You, Me, the Cards & Healy

Healy reads your bioenergetic field & runs the most beneficial energies for that moment, microcurrent frequencies for your cells. Give your cells a boost while you receive your reading.

Cards of Destiny and Love Cards Reading

Love Destiny Card Readings

The Cards of Destiny and Love Cards is the most accurate system of sychronicities I’ve ever used in my life. With the planets, your birth date and a deck of 52 playing cards giving you answers to your deepest questions that match your life situations, in this moment, past and for the future. It’s a great way to make plans, new choices and have direction for your year.

Card Readings

In my signature “Reveal & Reset” and “Where To” Card Readings we can look at what is currently going on for you in your chosen life area to reveal what challenge or block, is in play causing interference that is ready for release or… we can look at the archetype energies of where you currently are in your chosen life area, where is the next, best aligned place for you, and what archetypal energies to utilize to bridge the gap and get you from where you are to your next, best aligned place to be.