Pet Healing

“Seeing and being with animals makes us feel joy, beauty and love.” 

“Until one has love an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” 

— Anatole France

Together We Will

  • Identify the signs and symptoms your pet is experiencing
  • Discover potential messages your pet is trying to tell you
  • Dissolve and Resolve resistance that is contributing to dis-ease
  • Release patterns that no longer serve your pet
  • Transform underlying limiting beliefs, trapped emotions and trauma for your pet
  • Restore flow and balance in your pets life
  • Create lightness and tranquility for your pet

What You Get

  • Intention Requests Fulfilled
  • 50-min long distance energy healing session
  • E-mail summary of what came up in the healing session
  • Tools, resources and recommendations as appropriate

“I have looked into the eyes of many animals.  Each time I get a special feeling, a feeling quite different from human eye contact.  Its a unique feeling.  It touches my heart and effects my soul.” — Anthony Douglass Williams


“Kelly’s powerful healing work between my dog, Harper, and my husband was completely transformative. My dog suddenly became completely lethargic and would refuse food, yet had virtually no sign on physical illness. She would drink water, but overall became very inactive and visibly sad. Parallel to this, my husband was enduring many personal challenges including the potential loss of a close family member, and because him and my dog are so close, I felt that Kelly’s work would help both of them, and it certainly did. Within one day, my dog was running around our yard, eating and drinking well, with a happy wagging tail, and my husband seemed to have a more serene and peaceful energy amidst everything he was dealing with on a personal level. The results were almost instant! To this day they are both doing great! 

Thank you Kelly! You have the true gift of healing.”  — Christine M., Wife and dog mom

“I sought Kelly’s assistance with my doggie, Ralphie, who had been covered in a bacterial rash for almost a year. Every treatment tried had not resolved it. Kelly was able to identify a number of patterns and cleared them. Within the first week there appeared a slight improvement but it wasn’t dramatic or complete. But as the weeks went by the rash did disappear. I am so grateful for the healing that Kelly provided and would highly recommend others looking for an alternative approach to the issues pets and their owners are experiencing.”  — Leoni Blackwell, Naturalpath, Author, Teacher

I would highly recommend Kelly for her healing work. She was able to tune into my daughter’s dog who had a history of digestive issues. Kelly cleared some accurate beliefs and patterns that Karter was struggling with. Karter was so tired the day of the healing that he didn’t want to go on his walk, so I knew he was processing!  The next day he was much more energetic and back to how he used to be before he got sick.

Then he developed sore red paws and was licking at them which was an old pattern. So I contacted Kelly and she began to do work on skin issues. The licking stopped and he is doing very well.  His eyes look brighter!!

Thanks Kelly for your help with Karter.  — Jann S., Energy Healer

Pet Healing Options

Free Discovery Call

1 50 min Session


Pet Only

1 50 min Session


Pet and Guardian

1 50 min Session