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People are Looking for YOU! I know, I was one of them!

Yes, I was one of those people, desperately looking for wellness answers, but I didn’t know how to find the specialties or professionals that could help me!!  Western medicine couldn’t seem to help.  I also discovered that even if a doctor was aware of holistic wellness options, and might even be using the option themselves, they are not trained on how to refer to these specialties, so it is illegal for them to even share!

So how did I find you?

I eventually discovered the world of holistic wellness, but it took painstaking research, fumbling through information I felt very unqualified to discern for myself, synchronistic referrals from others, years of trial and error, hours of social media discussions, wonderful time spent with incredibly helpful support groups, and periods of just plain giving up!  It was exhausting, it was discouraging, I was filled with doubt that I would ever find the right people to help me get better.

I tried to attract those who could benefit from my services...

I’ve also had the opportunity to share my own wellness gifts and talents to help improve the wellbeing of others.  But if you are like me, you struggled to find the people looking for YOU!

I spent hours on social media trying to build a crowd.  I answered questions on those same support groups that I used to find my answers.  I would offer freebies, I would create sales pages, I would ask for referrals… all of which have their benefits. 

I spent a LOT of time learning new technologies like the social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hootsuit; I learned how to build a website with WordPress;  I learned how to keep track of mailing lists and generate e-mail campaigns with ConvertKit.

But… I found that my calendar was more bare than I had hoped.  There HAD to be more people looking for what I had to offer.  I could see the suffering and searching online.

What I really wanted... was to just share my gifts and talents with people who were looking for ME! Can you relate?

What if the Wellness Seekers looking for YOU...

  • were all in one place?
  • could easily search diseases, physical symptoms, emotional struggles and spiritual longings – to find which specialties could benefit them?
  • could easily search specialties to learn what they are, to discover research behind them, to see certification courses that bring credibility to them, and to identify qualified professionals that could help them?
  • could easily search professionals to get to know them, to discover what they have to offer, and hire them if they are a good fit

And what if the Wellness Providers like you...

  • gathered in that same place?
  • shared articles, videos, offers, services, products, courses, workshops, and masterclasses that were categorized by diseases, physical symptoms,  emotional struggles and spiritual longings?
  • shared specialty descriptions, specialty research and testimonials behind their results, certification courses, and clearly identified qualified providers that were leaders in that specialty?
  • shared their professional bios, certifications, training, experience, and offerings?
  • shared their WellMorph Provider Profile page, articles, videos, offers, services, products, courses, workshops and masterclasses with whatever audience they had?

And what if a technical team like WellMorph...

  • created a hub, a website FOR YOU where wellness professionals and their wellness seekers both gathered?
  • posted and carefully organized articles, videos, offers, courses, workshops, and masterclasses  FOR YOU categorized by diseases, physical symptoms,  emotional struggles, and spiritual longings?
  • posted and carefully organized specialty descriptions, specialty research and testimonials behind their results, certification courses, and clearly identified qualified professionals that were leaders in that specialty… and this was all done FOR YOU?
  • posted professional bios, certifications, training, experience, and offerings FOR YOU?
  • created mailing lists and sent regular newsletters with the WellMorph community FOR YOU to share the latest articles, videos, offers, courses, workshops and masterclasses posted on the website?
  • shared WellMorph thru social media outlets FOR YOU?
  • provided a community of potential wellness seekers FOR YOU, that you can serve?
  • made it easier for you to focus on your wellness talents and gifts?

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