About Kelly Robbins

“Your life doesn’t get better by chance.  It gets better by change.”


Hi, my name is Kelly Robbins. 

As a former IT professional, programmer, database administrator, and unix administrator, I spent a large portion of my early career years programming integrated safety summaries and efficacy tables for pharmaceutical companies. I never imagined that my life would be turned so upside down with chronic illness, that I would be drawn to the world of wholistic healing, and that my entire career and outlook on life would be completely changed.   

My journey into wholistic healing began when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  The doctors claimed there was a simple solution: to take a medication to treat this condition for the rest of my life.   At first I agreed that this solution seemed the most logical, but after starting on this traditional treatment regimen, my condition got worse.  There were no laboratory tests to show that anything else was wrong, my symptoms were shrugged off and attributed to ‘old age’.

“Change your thinking, change you life.” — Ernest Holmes

Shortly after, I left my life long IT career, unsure how I would get through 40+ hour days with the extreme fatigue, brain fog, and body pains I was experiencing and jumped into a stay at home direct sales profession that was part-time and flexible.  This profession introduced me to the world of life coaching.  I was intrigued by the concepts I learned about and could see how they were applicable to everyday life.  They were helping me learn how to handle rejection with grace, to be more assertive in asking, and not take things so personally.  Behind all these challenges were beliefs formed by negative experiences in my childhood that just were not true and were keeping me from being successful in my direct sales career.  I decided that this work was so beneficial that I wanted to be trained in life coaching so that I could use the concepts for myself on a daily basis.

At a week-long life coach certification workshop, I reframed many thoughts and beliefs that were no longer serving me.  This seemed simple and empowering, but I never expected would to leave the program with reduced stress and anxiety, that I would feel more confident and assertive, and that shortly after, I would be able to reduced my thyroid medication.

I have 8 years of coaching experience helping people to recognize, release and reframe limiting beliefs.  It is magical to watch individuals create abundance in their business, repair relationships in their life, create life balance, release pain and nagging health symptoms, and generate more happiness and joy in everyday life.

“The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.” — Dr. Oz

I was making tremendous progress in many areas of my life and my health, but after a while, I felt I hit another plateau.  I was introduced to an energy healer, who like me, had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and suggested I get tested for Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid.  She described all the potential challenges of this disease and I felt like she was telling my life story.  Sure enough, I tested positive for Hashimoto’s.  This energy healer reassured me that she overcame the challenges of this disease and she could help me. 

During one of the healing sessions with this energy healing practitioner, she immediately relieved, stopped life-long debilitating menstrual cramps, and  I never had cramps ever again.  So of course, I had to know more about energy work too!

For over 7 years I have been working with energy and powerful, high-dimensional tools to relieve chronic health problems, eliminate allergies, ease pain, calm inflammation,  eradicate symptoms and heal dis-ease.   This energy work also allows for the release of emotions, past traumas and more powerfully helps to shift limiting beliefs that keep people stuck. The ultimate goal of this work is to support and create a healthier, more balanced life experience. Through my years of practice, I discovered that this work was not only applicable to humans, but was also applicable to the animal kingdom as well.

“Follow your animal’s lead in the journey of healing.” — Kathleen Prasad

One day, quite by accident, I realized that my dog was having similar stomach symptoms that I was currently experiencing.  I wondered if I could help her the same way that I would help myself with coaching and energy healing.  With a quick shift in intention, I directed the healing to both myself and my dog, and found that I was able to relieve the symptoms for both of us!

Our pets love us dearly and come into our lives for a reason. Many provide us with messages and
learnings that we would not have encountered otherwise. I think it’s safe to say we would do absolutely
anything to help them feel better physically and emotionally. This experience taught me that when
animals express the same or similar symptoms to humans, they can also be healed with the same or
similar solutions.

“All journeys have a secret destination in which the traveler is unaware.”

Although my professional journey in this space started in life coaching, it didn’t end there. As I began learning and practicing other energetic healing modalities, I realized that the foundation of my services was heavily supported by my coaching skills. When working with clients, I can identify the cause of energetic, emotional, spiritual, or physical ailments and heal them by restructuring belief systems and thought patterns. My natural ability to intuitively see, hear or feel exactly what it is that clients need to heal, and where they need to start applies to both humans and animals.

I founded WellMorph to offer a holistic approach to healing for people (and animals) who feel that traditional Western medicine is not providing the benefit, relief, or solution they are looking for. By combining many modalities to create an approach that is unique to your healing needs, we can achieve the success and healing you have been looking for. 

Certified in the I.G.N.I.T.E coaching framework, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Life-Force Energy Healing, Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE), Energetic Allergy Healing (EAH), Sacred Soul Alignments (SSA), Sacred Light Technologies (SLT), Emotion Code, Body Code, Easy Entity Release (EER) and creator of Sacred Wisdom Healing (SWH) modality, I draw upon my extensive coaching and energy work experience to help people identify thoughts, beliefs, traumas, trapped emotions, and stuck feelings which no longer serve them to bring wellness to people’s careers, relationships, physical body, mental health, and even their pets!  Pulling from my extensive wealth of personal experiences, training, and inspiration of my own healing tools, I help people to “Transition to a New Kind of Wellness”.