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In this newsletter, we introduce two of WellMorph’s Wellness Providers. They each have amazing products to share. We also share a common source of wellness imbalance that prevents people from experiencing full wellness – Electromagnetic Frequencies or Fields (EMFs). Check out the research and statistics surrounding EMFs and learn about products that can help you mitigate cellular and/or DNA damage in the future.

Brittany Hogan

Introducing Brittany Hogan, the founder of Nefertem Skincare which produces intention skincare with the desire to support the mental, emotional, and spiritual journey of others.

You can learn more about Brittany here.

Brittany shares how to Mindful Shower in this article here.

Check out Brittany’s line of skin care here.

Introducing Debra Dempsey, a Vibrational Frequency Intuitive, Energy Infuser, and Artist. Her work can help people to raise their vibrational frequencies, to reduces stress, open paths to mindfulness, gratitude, enlightenment, spirituality, and facilitate meditation, self-healing, and ascension.

You can learn more about Debra here.

Debra shares how she creates her Magic Mandala’s here.

Check out Debra’s beautiful Mandala creations here.

Debra Dempsey

Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting.  Mid to high-frequency radiation can, under certain circumstances, lead to cellular and/or DNA damage with prolonged exposure.

Check out the resources, articles, and products to mitigate cellular and/or DNA damage here.

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