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Magic Mandalas

Just a little bit about me.  I became an artist at a late stage in my life. I have always appreciated and looked at art with the wish that I had the talent to paint. Through the years I have tried painting without much success.  Anything that I have tried to draw or paint turned out awful.  So I never believed I could paint.

It was out of a quest to help my self with some health issues I was experiencing, that I began to think about how I could exercise and strengthen my hands and my mind.  I had a growing weakness in my hands, tremors in my hands, fogginess in my mind, and a lack of concentration.  It was around this time that the universe began showing me dot art everywhere I looked. That is when I realized that it would take a lot of mental focus to make a dot. Making a dot would also be a great way to exercise my hands.  At this point, it did not matter that I could not paint ‘good’.  After awhile, I really began to noticed that my focus was improving.  But just as quickly as things were improving, creating dots also become boring.

My thoughts began to ponder, how to do something that was not random or boring but has some structure to it.  Since I still believed that I was not good at painting, I thought that maybe something geometric would help. As I started to look at geometric patterns I came across mandalas which I had always appreciated for their beauty.  The fact that I meditate everyday made me think that I should paint a mandala for me to use. I still judged myself and did not think I was very good at painting the mandalas but I really loved creating them!

I have always kept music playing in the background at home and at some point I became aware that the lyrics were distracting my focus while painting. So I decided to find music without lyrics.  Because of my spiritual quest through the years I knew how important vibrational frequencies can be and the energies that they hold. While searching online, I discovered all kinds of music in all kinds of frequencies. So I started just going through the various frequencies of music, listening a minute or two of each one, until I found one that felt good, that resonated with me at the time.  I now do that for each painting.

When I find the piece of music that feels good, I notice that it clears my mind and helps me focus on the painting.  In the beginning, for a short time, I would pick out the colors that I was going to use and plan out the design of the mandalas.  But once I started using the vibrational frequency music, I decided to no longer plan out my paintings.  That is when things started to REALLY change. My paintings got dramatically better and my spirituality began to expand. I was learning how to feel and allow the energy to take control of the painting.  


Now I start by drawing some circles within circles with the use of a compass.  Then as I start listening to the music and I begin to feel calm, the peace, and my thoughts shut down.  I start feeling the energy of the frequencies and begin to tune into them. It feels like they just flow through me.  I  have a knowing that feels which colors to use as I need them and a pattern emerges as I paint. After I have completed each painting I am always amazed at how the energies have infused with the art,  that the colors and design has magically manifested through me.

There came a time when all of my family and friends wanted to see what I was painting.  I was astounded at their feed back and how much they loved them and wanted them.  I was still judging myself because I could see every “flaw” and “imperfection” in them.  But because they did not see those imperfections, I realized that I just did not have enough confidence in myself that I could paint.  I gave away a lot of paintings to family and friends but with time, I began to sell them.

I since learned, that people tend to be attracted to the design that speaks to them. That the mandala resonates a the vibration that their inner spiritual self identifies with or that the universe is helping to put before them that is in their best interest to help bring them into more balance and wellness.  So, when they use it as a tool it can open pathways to all possibilities in the universe that they desire. 

As for me it has taken a long time but my hands and tremors have greatly improved and that foggy feeling of my mind has shifted to improved concentration.  But the best part is that my spiritual journey has progressed to the point that I can feel vibrational frequencies in ways I never could before. Everyday I am learning new ways to use them and my heart is full of gratitude for this blessing in my life.

Debra Dempsey

Debra Dempsey, is a Vibrational Frequency Intuitive, Energy Infuser and Dot Mandala Artist, that helps open a path to spiritual enlightenment. Her paintings provide a tool for meditation, raising vibration, ascension, spiritual enlightenment, and reaching the cosmic universe.  To see Debra’s Mandala’s and to learn more about her, click here.