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Diana Radford

My name is Diana Radford, owner of Atlantis Herbals.  I help people to live an abundantly healthy and happy life with tinctures made from foods and herbs that have natural healing properties.

I stumbled upon a flower that I had never seen before one afternoon while exploring the desert about 2 hours north of where I lived. I desired to know what it was so I took a photo and later learned that the flower’s root, had an incredible buried history about its healing properties.  

The synchronicities of learning this information made me believe that God had given me a gift to get out to the world. Within 30 days, and with the help of a friend, l learned all about tincturing and about how to use a tincture. I searched the internet intensely to learn all that I could, so I would have all the facts when speaking to people about the root, the tincture, its history, its benefits and its risks. 

With a Facebook page, a website, and a cottage food license, I was at my first farmer’s market. That was 3 years ago. I now have many events under my belt and have started to add other tinctures to my inventory.  However, none of them equate in value to a person’s health like that initial flower discovered in the desert near my home.

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A Wild and Ugly Carrot, but Beauty Inside

Lomatium is an ugly carrot that is bitter to the taste, but it has a wonderful earthly and enticing smell. Called “heap powerful medicine” by the native people, this article shares its historical uses as well as some of the studies done to support its medical uses.