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Yuko Ueki

Hi everyone my name is Yuko. I’m the creator and founder of my own method Maishin-ho which helps to release the happiness inside of YOU! 

Maishin-ho, pronounced “Maishin-ho”, is an easy method using energy work,  breathing techniques, self face  massage, gentle warm-up exercises, acting, playing, meditation, Japanese pre-celebration work and much more.  Maishin-ho facilitates changing your way of seeing everyday scenery and re-discover the sparkles of your personality that were always inside yourself.  As each of us discovers who we really are, we live happier.  When we live happier, all of planet earth raises its frequency even more 🙂 

Students often tell me that after taking my courses, they started to see life events differently.  They would not get angry as before.  Things do not affect them as much even if there is an unexpected change within a relationship. They notice a lot of funny things in their everyday life…) They are no longer afraid to speak out in front of people.

Clown is an important element in my courses as every single person has a clown inside.  When you bump into a wall at home alone, you would say oh shi+ it hurts but if it was in a public place??  You try to act like nothing has happened or hide that you are hurt, no?  If you have something stuck between your teeth and trying to remove…and suddenly you realize that someone was watching you??  Do you hide what is happening?  Maishin-ho work helps the individual to be open and honest and maybe even the clown comes out to make light of the situation.

It is an honor to witness the shift in people, the metamorphosis, during the classes.   I just love my work.  I feel blessed to be a part of those moments.

For fun I love to travel, animals, being in nature, and talking about the galaxy.  I speak Japanese, English, French, German and Italian, so I love discovering new cultures, places, and food.  I also enjoy opening an discussion room to exchange info, hear a new perspective, and learn from each other!

Experience, Certifications, and Training:  Professional Ballet Dancer (Tokyo Inoue Ballet Company, Austria-Salzburg Landes Theater, Germany Badisches Staats Theater, and freelance in Paris), Ballet Teacher, Actor, Clown, International Clerk

Yuko Ueki's Articles/Videos/Audios

Maishin-ho: Trailer

Maishin-ho Trailer is a sampling of activities that one can expect in the Just for Fun and/or the Intensive Course. Enjoy.

Yuko Ueki's Offerings

Maishin-ho: Just for Fun

Just for fun classes can be taken by individuals, friends, family or couples. It takes 20 hours (10 lessons). This class is like a supplement for your mind and body, where you can feel and discover your own personality.

Maishin-ho: Intensive Course

The Intensive course is a ONE to ONE lesson. It requires the participants to write a report after each lesson which is then reviewed. The course is 15 weeks 2 hrs a week or 30 hours. At the end of 30 hours, the students may hold an open-hour, in which they can perform in front of the guests (if they wish to do so). In this Intensive Course, you can feel the world of mind and body more deeply, and through training for the recital, your own world view will be established.