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Daniela Vögele

My name is Daniela Vögele.  My aim is, to make the world a better place for animals and their humans. Animals can open our hearts, which is an important and first step to finding our way back to our true selves.

I live in Germany and I am a Trust Technique® Practitioner for large animals. I love all animals, but horses are closest to my heart since childhood. I wish to help more people to see them for what they really are: intelligent peace-loving, gentle, wonderful and fine creatures from which we as humans can learn so much. Especially with large animals, many people feel they need to use dominance, pressure or even force to deal with or work with them. Unfortunately, this misconception is widely used. With the Trust Technique® by James French and Shelley Slingo, I have found a method and a way to show people how to develop a unique bond with their animal through deep trust and how to experience animal intelligence in a new way. This allows a trustful co-operation without dominance or pressure. Working with the Trust Technique® can be liberating and is healing, for both, human and animal.

Examples of my work include: letting go of fears (of riding, of riding outside an arena, of waterpipes, plastic bags, hoof care, being haltered, medical training, of blue things on the ground, hind legs, head, ears being touched, of humans in general, of being sprayed with fly-away- spray, someone walking behind the horse, spooking in the arena, being saddled and many more ), working with sleep deprived horses, letting go of fear aggression, overcoming trauma of all sorts, overcoming human ego themes in training and finding joy. Some of my clients also report physical changes in their animals: eye infections, sensitive skin/sweet itch, gastric ulcers could heal or were significantly improved in themselves: headaches and backaches less often or gone.

Experience, Certifications, and Training:  Trust Technique Practitioner for large animals.

Phone: +49-157-35656714 

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Do you and your animal sometimes have communication problems? Does your pet exhibit behaviors in certain situations that worry you, unsettle you, cause stress for both of you or even scare you? The Trust Technique can help you and your animal learn to deal with problematic situations with confidence, to see them in a “new light” and to remain relaxed, trusting and confident.

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