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Dean Kruppenbach

My name is Dean Kruppenbach. I am an intercessor and a composer of spiritual music. Like Glen Miller, I have been looking for “The Sound” most of my adult life. In the past few years I have found it. It is the music in Christ Consciousness.

I have heard in my heart that the music of this new age will literally “turn the page” to all the music that has been written previously. Others who have heard this music have commented that it brings healing and a close connection to Father-Life-Consciousness. For those who have been longing for this, there is no escaping it.
Being an intercessor for 40 years has certainly helped “tuning in” to the higher vibrations that are now available to everyone. Never before on Earth has it been easier to access the Divine Consciousness. And music is the perfect tool.

My wife and I have found a good life here in Grand Rapids. We enjoy every day with our family, friends, and our Husky dog and her two Pomskys.

Experience, Certifications, and Training:   B. S. in Music Education, Christian School Educator, Music Performer, Teacher, and composer of 7 CDs.

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