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Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Readings are personal guidance channeled from your Masters, Teachers, and Loved ones: Your guides. The Akashic library is all the information that has been, will be and has ever been. It houses all of your past life and future life information. It can be a great reference to help guide you to the path you are seeking.

Questions that are asked within the records are best asked by using How, Why, & What questions. The answers are guidance and never tell you what to do. We have free will and it is ultimately your decision. It is guidance to help you along the path of inner knowing. Akashic records are very personal. Once I channel the records I forget mostly what I have written. When I re-scribe or type up what I have channeled I am always surprised by the amazing guidance. I once had to look up a word I didn’t know what it meant. I was curious if it made sense; It did. :).

I feel very privileged to have the gift to channel the akashic records. I hold it very dear and never enter someone’s records without their permission. I start the reading by grounding myself and getting in-tune with my energy and balancing my chakras. I then say a prayer to get into the records. Once the records are open I ask your questions and write what I hear. I do my best to not think about it too much to let the channeling
flow. Once all the questions have been answered I close your records with a prayer of thanks and an out loud incantation that the records are closed. This ensures that I will be disconnected from your records. I compare it to hanging up a phone or disconnecting a line.

I type up or re-scribe (if you prefer a handwritten copy), what I have written as it is not very legible when channeling. Lol. Then I will e-mail or Mail it to you and then erase my copy, or tear it up.

I charge ___ for an Akashic Record Reading.  To work with me, e-mail me at: