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Madison Joo

Madison Joo

Hi, my name is Madison Joo, I am an Intuitive Energy Healer and founder of the Dahana Gachi Healing Center, a nurturing place to begin your healing journey.  I provide tools, resources, and personal care to guide you to step into a higher vibration, to transform, and make it easy to live life to the fullest by finding your joy and alignment.

What if, we are not here on earth to suffer so much? What if, we can self heal through minding our thoughts and emotions by understanding how the energy, frequency and vibration work.
Anything and anyone can knock us down, but getting up is our CHOICE!

There is a mystical system in our body that controls everything, it’s called a nervous system. Your head perceives the world and tells you how to react to it through vibration. Your nervous system has all the tools that it needs to calm during stressful hours, you just need to know how to activate them.

I help you to upgrade, shift your state of mind through  Therapeutic Integral Sound Healing, Mindfulness Practice, Crystal Reiki, and Cosmic Exploration through Spiritual Hypnosis.

Most of my healing information is provided by the collective consciousness through our spiritual hypnosis.

Experience, Certifications, and Training:  Integral Sound Healing, Crystal Reiki, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Beyond Quantum Healing.

Phone: 732-984-1781

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Madison Joo's Offerings

Illness Interpretation

Your body is always communicating to you to release something that is not right for you. Illness interpretation offers the map where to focus to start your healing journey.

Reiki Distance Crystal Grid Prayer

Request a Reiki Distance Crystal Grid Prayer for someone severely ill in the hospital, someone wishing to restore trust in a relationship, or for big events in life such as a wedding, birth, job interview, an entrance examination, final test, or even travels.

Madison Joo Sound Healing

Integral Therapeutic Sound Healing

Integral Therapeutic sound healing offers the right frequency to balance and restore our body by harmonizing our nervous system. Connect with your Universe, tune yourself by listening.

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