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How to Choose a Wellness Solution?

How to Choose

If you are like me, when I got sick, I assumed that I would go to the doctor, get a diagnosis, be prescribed a medication, and as long as I followed the doctors directions, all with be right with the world.  The challenge came when I took the prescribed medication, nothing changed except the blood work marker that told the doctor everything was fine, and I was deemed ‘healed’.  I did not expect that I would deal with a chronic illness for 15 years beyond that and that the doctor would not have answers for me!

What happened instead was a lot of internet research, reading blogs, studying medical books, consulting with many other specialty doctors, and exploring many holistic modalities.  The more I learned, the more conflicting information that came forward, which prompted more questions, and of course, created confusion.  My mind wanted to explode!  I ending up ‘just trying’ many of the solutions that people offered.  Many had few potential side effects, so I though, what could it hurt?  Each provider was sooooooo confident that they had the perfect solution for me.  Some helped, some didn’t.  But no matter what I tried, I continued to have an array of debilitating symptoms.

I have come a long way since then. Symptoms have reduced tremendously, but if I had it all to do over again, would my choices be different?  Maybe.  If I had it all to do over again, would I have a different method for choosing?  YES!

There are no Mistakes in Life, only Lessons

I did not know many of these lessons at the start of my wellness journey, but I was gently taught them by others, had them come to my awareness in meditation/prayer and/or learned them by the hard knocks of living life on my journey to wellness.

  • It may have taken years to develop the illness, condition, and symptoms that you have, so it may take time to untangle and resolve it.  
  • Each individual health and wellness provider does NOT have all the answers.  They are learning too.  Our bodies are very intricate multi-dimensional energy systems.  It will likely take a team of providers to guide you to your ultimate goal.
  • Accept with grace the small steps of progress when a symptom, maybe not the one you were focused on, but a symptom… has been resolved!  It is more like peeling the layers of an onion than ‘just do this’ and everything is resolved.
  • Each person got into their unique combination of wellness imbalances in a specific way.  It is likely, the way to resolve the wellness imbalances would also be very customized and unique.
Lessons learned

"To Acquire Knowledge, one Must Study;
To Acquire Wisdom, one Must Observe."
-- Marilyn Vos Savant


After years of trial and error, I’ve learned to hone the process of seeking wellness by reducing the confusion of sooooo many choices.  I invite you to consider doing the same!

  • Pray for guidance, then expect answers.  God/Souce/Angels/Guides are ready and willing to help, we just have to ask.  Notice, watch, observe… as if you know the answers are coming.
  • Meditate on your choices.  As you meditate, you might SEE a storyline that answers your question, you might HEAR words of wisdom, you might FEEL what you should do next, or you might get answers from a stranger the next day!
  • Observe synchronicities.  Rule #39 of NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ rule book says,  “There is no such thing as a coincidence”.  All things happen for a reason.  Act on those little subtle synchronicities that are gifted to you.
  • Muscle Test!  All of your answers are locked up inside your body.   let your body help guide your way.  With carefully worded questions, you can navigate the sea of possibilities and discover which solution might be optimal for YOU!

Keep in mind that theses solutions don’t provide an abundance of ‘proof’ as to why the choice is optimal to you.  It may not even make sense in the moment.  The key is to have faith that the answers you receive are perfect for you in the moment.  I find that the more that you follow the bread crumbs of guidance laid before you, the more that the information comes flowing and you can find answers with ease and grace.