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Parkinson's, Solfeggios, Mandalas, oh my!

legal balance

My career started with schooling and then graduating with a Paralegal degree.  I put the degree to good use as a legal advocate in domestic violence shelters helping battered women.  Eventually, I moved up to a County Program Director position over my own shelter.  My responsibilities were numerous including fundraising, speaking at churches, community organizations and law enforcement training, court advocacy, advocacy for the shelter, and most importantly advocacy for the women in our program.  While I really liked what I was doing and how I was helping others, little did I know, everything was going to change.

I first noticed that a couple of my fingers would tremor a little periodically. Then I noticed the occasional missing words during my public speaking events. It seemed that I was always tired and achy like I had the flu.  I kept making excuses that it was because I was always very busy and working 60 to 70 hours a week.  I contributed these symptoms to all the stress I was under because of all my responsibilities.  But I felt I had to keep going for the women in the shelter who depended on me.  With time, my symptoms progressively got worse until one morning I woke up, got out of bed, stood up and fell flat on my face.  All of the muscles in one of my legs had frozen up.

It was after that incident that I was diagnosed with early-stage Parkinson’s disease. I was told that there was no cure. My best chances were  to reduce the stress in my life and begin taking medication.  I was put on a drug called Amantadine.  Unfortunately, Amantadine did stop any of the symptoms.  I continued doing the work I loved but I did not like the way the meds made me feel. After about 6 months, it felt like the medication stopped working, so the doctor wanted to put me on a stronger medication.  I researched the available medications and discovered that the possible side effects were worse than the current symptoms I was experiencing.  I did some soul searching and decided to opt out of traditional medical treatments. Unfortunately, the symptoms were severe enough, I also chose to walked away from a career that I loved and started a new life with less stress. 

During the time away from work, I taught myself to meditate, work with energies, to turn to the light, and grow in my spirituality. I have been blessed ever since as my symptoms have progressed very little in the years since the diagnosis.  Eventually, I noticed some symptoms progressing again.  Weakness was developing in my hands.  I took my new found time away from work and decided to research for something that would help me focus and exercise my hands.  Much to my surprise, I found dot mandala art. 

When I first started to paint, I felt insecure, very clumsy, and I thought that I was very bad at it. My hands would shake and paint would end up in places that were not where I had intended it to go. I felt frustrated and stressed that I was not progressing and painting better or prettier paintings.  I realized that I was having a hard time focusing on the movement of my hands and was not confident in the placement.  I started to think about how to relieve the stress, create focus, and acquire some precision.  I decided to try listening to some vibrational frequency music.

Paint brushes
Artist with Canvas

It was magical when I listed to the music.  The focus on my hands was intensified.  I only thought about moving my hands very slowly and deliberately with each dot placement. I would place all my focus on my hands instead of worrying about whether my painting was good or bad.  I kept reminding myself this was to exercise my hands.  After a few months of this practice, I realized that my hands were not shaking quite as bad as they had been.  I recognized that the music was teaching me to calm my mind, body, and soul.  I also noticed that my feelings of both my health and emotional state was definitely improving.  I had more confidence that my paintings were really some beautiful pieces of art.  But what I didn’t expect was that  I began to find my heart opening up more to my spirituality.

The healing that I have received has been of great benefit to my mind, body and soul and has been such a blessing in my life.  Because of my self-healing, I always listen to vibrational frequency music to paint, improve my health, and advance my spiritual growth.  Now when I notice my hands shaking a little, I have realized that I can calm my mind, body and soul.  I can focus on the movement and control it by slowing down the motion and my hands will stop shaking.  Even though I initially trained myself to do this with vibrational frequency music, I can now do it anytime I want without the music.  I hope, believe, and pray that If I continue to grow in my focus and spiritual growth that at some point, I will be able to completely heal my body of this disease.

As an added bonus, I have become aware that the music and my spiritual connection are inspiring my paint designs.  As I began to give away and sell my paintings, I realized that people were unknowingly drawn to the paintings with the vibrational frequency that they needed in their own life.  I now tell everyone to choose the painting that speaks to them, because I know that is the design and vibrational frequencies they need to help them. I have also been painting some by commission, people who want certain colors that have meanings to them. But when I do, I reserve the right to pick the frequency for the painting because not everyone knows what they really need.  The universe gives me the perfect inspiration. 

Debra Dempsey

Debra Dempsey is a Vibrational Frequency Intuitive, Energy Infuser, and Dot Mandala Artist.  Her artwork helps open a path to spiritual enlightenment.  The paintings provide a tool for meditation, raising vibration, ascension, spiritual enlightenment, and reaching the cosmic universe.  To see Debra Dempsey’s artwork and learn more about her, click here.