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Healy Device is a technology based on the scientific principles of quantum physics. The Healy devices analyzes and measures the energetic imbalances on three levels – physical, mental, and emotional in order to emit specifically customized frequencies which will readjust your emotional and cellular energy centers to align with bio-energetic balance.

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You, Me, the Cards & Healy

Healy reads your bioenergetic field & runs the most beneficial energies for that moment, microcurrent frequencies for your cells. Give your cells a boost while you receive your reading.

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Maureen Dodson

Maureen Dodson

I am Maureen Dodson, a Multi-Dimensional Ascension Coach, guiding highly aware individuals on their ascension path with powerful Infused Transitions and channeling from Utmost High to allow them to become fully balanced and aligned with their Soul-self so that they may catapult forward to a fulfilling life.

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