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Why I Chose Juice Plus+

There are many reasons why Juice Plus+ is a star player in the health and wellness sphere. To start off, it is a world leader in plant-based nutrition with products that are second-to-none. But for me, science is extremely important.  The company has scientific studies and research to back up its claims.  

  • Another key point is that Juice Plus+ does not freeze-dry random fruits and vegetables, grind them into a powder, and put them in capsules.  They use specific produce to meet our body’s vitamin and mineral needs. They test each batch from the farm providers for pesticide and other contaminated residues.  And if there is any trace of contamination, they discard the whole batch.
  • They use the whole plant and blend them all into a soupy mixture. Then, at low heat, they dry it all into thin sheets leaving live enzymes in the mixture. Finally, it is formed into a powder and placed in vegan capsules.
  • The panel of doctors involved in the process is unprecedented. 
  • They have been the focus of multiple studies through major universities worldwide.

I could go on, but I think you get my point. Watch some of the Juice Plus+ videos and read some of the double-blind study results. Then, try the product. You will be amazed!

Marlene Leighty, is a Reiki Master, using energy to create wellness by sending energy to another person, infusing crystals and stones with healing energy, as well as creating beautiful jewelry with crystals and stones that impart healing energy.   To learn more about Marlene Leighty, click here.