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How to Create a One Sentence WellMorph Intro

A one sentence WellMorph intro is a clear and concise description of what your business does, who you do it for, why you do it, and what sets you apart from others in your area of expertise.  

A one sentence intro a statement you can quickly say to anyone who ask, “So, what do you do?”

In this article, you’ll learn how to write a WellMorph intro. It will share some helpful tips and examples following those tips that will make the process even easier.

How to Create the Intro

1. What is Your Name and/or Business Name?

First, simply state your name and/or your business name.

2. What do you Offer?

Second, highlight what exactly it is that you sell, provide, offer, create, or do as a business. Be as specific and concise as possible, and don’t use words your target clients or customers won’t recognize.

3. Who are you Offering it to?

Third, identify the type of wellness seeker, client or customer you are targeting. Remember the saying, “a business that targets everyone appeals to no one?” Now’s the time to answer the questions: What niche are you in? Who is your ideal client or customer? You created your product or service specifically for them so make sure there’s no confusion when you mention them here.

4. What Problem do you Help them Solve and What Outcome do you Help them Achieve?

Fourth, declare the promise you’re making to your target WellMorph Seeker, client or customer through your product or service. What’s in it for them? What problem of theirs do you help solve? What outcome do you help them achieve? What kind of benefit or transformation can they expect from their purchase?

5. What Makes you Different?

Lastly, pinpoint what sets you apart from other businesses. This is a big one because not everyone will go the extra mile and present the unique value that they bring to the table. But in order to help you stand out above others, you’ll definitely want to prepare your answers to questions such as:

“What do you offer that other wellness providers don’t?”

“Why should I hire you or buy from you and not another wellness provider?” (unique talent, I’ve solved a similar situation for myself)

“Why should I hire you or buy from you if I can just do it myself?” (offer an unbiased perspective, unique talents the wellness seeker doesn’t have)

“Why should I hire you or buy from you if I can just research online for free?” (save time, avoid all the mistakes)

“What don’t wellness seekers need to worry about?” (hassle, wasting time, seeing not progress, repeating the same patterns”

“What unique features or benefits does your product/service/offering provide?” (one-on-one customized support, 8-week intensive program, group programs, known company supported service, years of research, 100% customer satisfaction)

“What unique method or system do you use?” (energy tools, proven nutritional methods, clair- talents, connection to specific guides)”

Putting it All Together

Putting it all together

Once you have your answers to all five questions, you can then use them to fill out this simple one-sentence business intro template:

[Your business name]

provides / offers / sells / creates

[Your product and/or service]

to / for

[Your target clients or customers]

so that they can

[Solve a problem or reach a goal].


Here are some (fictional) examples.

Fine Designs LLC sells high-converting lead magnet templates to online business owners so that they can attract more email subscribers and turn them into paying customers.

Cara’s Coaching Company provides 1-on-1 coaching services and 90-day meal and fitness plans to busy entrepreneurs so that they can develop healthy habits that finally stick.

Right Writing LLC offers 3-day sales page writing services to online course creators so that they can launch quickly and reach their revenue goals.

Lovely Calligraphy Collective creates gold-foiled hand lettered invitations for trendy event hosts so that they can host memorable parties and functions.

Val’s VA Company provides comprehensive social media management services to brick-and-mortar businesses so that they can grow their online presence without paying for ads.

Over to You!

Now it is time for you to take this opportunity to craft your own unique one sentence business intro.