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Why Do a Card Reading?

Why do a card reading is an interesting question and one with many answers, and truth is how they are used, what their function, point, and purpose is, is as diverse as we are, for it is the individual using them that will generate those answers. 

For me, cards are a tool that I use to assist and support, to learn more, to gain understanding and insights.  These aspects offer us an opportunity to utilize this new information to best support ourselves, prepare us for what may be taking place or coming up. Sometimes, it is about learning from the past, to allow us to let go for our now and our future.

What can a card reading offer you in addition to the above? 

Receiving a reading can open your curiosity, entice exploration, prompt new directions, initiate expansion, and promote healing within.  It can be utilized as a part of your journey as you decide what resonates, what doesn’t, and how you will utilize your newfound insights to assist and support yourself.

It can also be fun, enlightening, and spark creativity.  In essence, like many things, card reading and receiving readings are what you make it out to be.


Maureen Dodson

Maureen Dodson is a Multi-Dimensional Healer and Founder of Infused Transitions.  She facilitates the removal of baggage that no longer serves you so that you can catapult into an empowered, successful, and joyful life.  To learn more about Maureen, click here.