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How to Use Mandalas

Mandalas are geometric circles that are also sacred symbols that are aspects of the universe and are a representation of the unconscious “self”.  Mandalas can be used for many different purposes and the needs of the individual person using them. 

Some of the uses are:

·         Quieting the Mind

·         Releasing Tension

·         Deep Relaxation

·         Re-wiring Thought Processes

·         Focusing Attention

·         Gratitude

·         Mindfulness

·         Promote Healing

·         Prayer

·         Facilitating Meditation

·         Personal Enlightenment 

The important thing to know about using a Mandala is there are no rules but there are some guidelines that if followed will help you to achieve your goals with more ease.

  • Find a time that will be uninterrupted.
  • Prepare your environment. Such as incense, crystals, music or rituals that provide you with comfort.
  • Place your mandala at about arm’s length on eye level from your sitting position.
  • Position your body in a chair with your feet on the floor or sit on the floor with your knees crossed. However, you are comfortable sitting for a period of time while keeping your back straight.
  • I recommend that you spend at least 10 to 15 mins starting out. If you find that you can spend longer by all means continue.
  • Set your intention in your mind.
  • Relax your eyes.
  • Focus your eyes and intention on the center point while being aware of the periphery of the mandala.
  • At this point allow yourself to start to feel a relaxing in your body and the draining of tension. All the while you continue to focus on the center of the mandala.
  • When you reach this point allow yourself to become aware of the merging of colors and shapes. Open you mind, heart and soul to feel the vibrational frequencies around you.
  • Remember this is your own personal journey and you control where to go from this point.
  • Sometimes it takes a few tries to learn how to use the mandala but each attempt is a step closer to the opening of the universe and your unconscious mind.

May your endeavors be Blessed!

Debra Dempsey

Debra Dempsey is a Vibrational Frequency Intuitive and Artist.  She creates beautiful Mandala art based on what she sees in her mind’s eye while listening to Solfeggio Frequencies.  To learn more about Debra, click here.