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Marlene Leighty

Marlene Leighty

I am Marlene Leighty, a Reiki Master, using energy to create wellness by sending energy to another person, infusing crystals and stones with healing energy, as well as creating beautiful jewelry with crystals and stones that impart healing energy.  

Reiki has been shown to remove dis-ease, reduce inflammation, create relief, and reduce stress in individuals.  Various crystals and stones are known to impart unique energies which, when worn or placed on a person, assist the energies to shift and create wellness.

In working with Reiki, I have witnessed muscular pain disappear, migraines are gone within minutes and, with frequent, intense sessions, I have witnessed cancer cells dissolving.  I have had clients exclaim ‘my migraine’s gone!’ and ‘The doctor can’t find the cancerous tumor!”

When I share my crystals or crystal jewelry with others, I not only receive compliments on how beautiful they are but people experience the results of the energy from the crystals and stones. There are many reasons to add the benefits of the crystal and stone energies to your wardrobe accessories. Here are a few that I have personally experienced: I had to give a presentation, so I wore a necklace that opened my throat chakra and my voice was clear throughout the presentation; sometimes my hands are stiff and achy, so I hold a specific tumbled stone in the achy hand and the ache disappears; I was experiencing a prolonged time of sadness, so I put on a string of crystals that promote joy and the sadness was gone.

I also have become a partner with Juice Plus+ and Tower Gardens which offer abundant fruits and veggies into my diet, through capsules and a fresh garden. Our soil has been depleted and is full of herbicides and pesticides that are harming our bodies. Supplementing with Juice Plus+ capsules and tending to my own Tower Garden help to defray these concerns.

When I’m not doing Reiki, sharing crystal energies, or offering healthy food options, I’m a Special Education Assistant. I have discovered the telepathic abilities of people who are non-verbal and am working on increasing my ability to communicate with them telepathically.

Certifications and Training:  Bachelor’s of Child Learning and Development at Concordia University, Crystal Healing, Reiki MasterJuice Plus Partner, Tower Garden Partner


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Why I Chose Juice Plus+

There are many reasons why Juice Plus+ is a star-player in the health and wellness sphere. To start off, it is a world leader in plant-based nutrition with products that are second-to-none.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is universally guided spiritual life energy. It is tapping into a higher power (Source) and the unseen forces for healing purposes.

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