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Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Records

Your Akashic Records or soul book is like a living database that contains not only current information about the life you are leading, details about the lives you have lived in the past, and what you intend for the future, but every alternative timeline, a path not taken and every possible opportunity in between.  An Akashic Record Reading allows one to ask questions, raise issues, release obstacles, and experience the transformation of healing balance within the energy of the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Certifications

Soul Realignment® Certification

Soul Realignment® Certification offers comprehensive insight into the root causes behind the persistent negative patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that plague so many people. By examining negative karmic patterns that may be affecting us at Soul-level, we can gain real and meaningful explanations for many of our present-life experiences … and resolve these experiences to finally create what we truly want for ourselves.

Akashic Records Offerings

Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Readings are personal guidance channeled from your Masters, Teachers, and Loved ones: Your guides. It can be a great reference to help guide you to the path you are seeking.

Akashic Records Wellness Providers

Lyndsy Goss

Lyndsy, The Blue Pixie

Hi, I’m Lyndsy, The Blue Pixie. I guide people to their own unique, optimal path to struggles that are keeping them stuck so that they can see a new perspective, feel relief
and become unstuck.