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Maureen Dodson

Maureen Dodson

Hi, I am Maureen Dodson, a Multi-Dimensional Ascension Coach and Founder of Infused Transitions, who guides highly aware individuals on their ascension path with powerful Infused Transitions and channeling from Utmost High to offer opportunities to become fully balanced and aligned with your Soul-self.  I assist individuals so that they may catapult forward.  With a balanced, aligned, and actual Soul-self connection you can utilize a variety of modalities for ascension.  However, without your true connection and clearing out interference from birth, there is still resistance and distortion.  Infused Transitions are unique in that they address the interferences, resistance, and distortions that slow one’s balance, alignment, and ascension.

Your supercharged ascension journey begins with my signature Cloak Removal & True Connect.  Clearing out the Cloak that one usually puts on at birth, gets you online and connects you with your true Soul-self.  This is step one of a two step process to get you started with your genuine Soul-self and Human-self.  Your Human-self connection takes much longer and takes more trying to find ‘that thing’ that shifts you.  It does this more fully and accurately when you do this from your foundation up.

Step 2 is another signature process that I created.  My work is not only here, now, and multi-dimensional but it is also done in multiple layers, lifetimes, quantum fields, matrixes, and much more.  Change your life here and it ripples and vibrates out beyond here and now.  This step peels deep layers away, releases what is ready to release, even if it is beyond your conscious awareness.

Once the individual is connected to their Soul-self and the Soul-self has been cleared and reset to its original and intended blueprint, I offer other unique Infused Transition energies for personalized clearing of non-serving beliefs, stuck energies, imbalances, and frustrations that interfere with living your best and highest here, now and future self.

When I am not working with amazing ascending souls, I loves to paint, spend time with my family members, enjoy my beautiful English Pointer, acquire magical crystals, and collect decks of tarot cards.

Certifications and Training: B.S. of Psychology Life Coaching and Psychology Counseling at Liberty University, Fully Accredited Professional EFT Tapping Certification, Professional Accredited EFT Diploma Course – Tapping to HealBoost Your Psychic Gifts with EFT Tapping: Certificate Course, Psychic Abilities & Increased Intuition with EFT Course, Soul Realignment® Certification, Sacred Soul Alignments Certification (SSA), Oracle & Intuitive Card Reader Certification,  Akashic Record Reading.

Maureen Dodson's Offerings

All Things Hadar

All Things Hadar is a YouTube channel that is focused on The Hadar Galactic System, and Hadarian People. This channel offers understanding of the self & others, letting go, healing, growing into true Soul alignment, expanding, & much more. It is a space to come together & learn from each other. By getting into alignment with ourselves we also support and assist our Hadarian collective, the planet Earth, and Hadar’s rebirthing process.

You, Me, the Cards & Healy

Healy reads your bioenergetic field & runs the most beneficial energies for that moment, microcurrent frequencies for your cells. Give your cells a boost while you receive your reading.

Card Readings

In my signature “Reveal & Reset” and “Where To” Card Readings we can look at what is currently going on for you in your chosen life area to reveal what challenge or block, is in play causing interference that is ready for release or… we can look at the archetype energies of where you currently are in your chosen life area, where is the next, best aligned place for you, and what archetypal energies to utilize to bridge the gap and get you from where you are to your next, best aligned place to be.

Cloak Removal & True Connect

The Cloak Removal & True Connect is the first step towards reclaiming your power and becoming your true, authentic self. Each of us is wrapped in a cloak filled with experiences, energy and perceptions that are not our own.

Maureen Dodson's Articles/Videos

Why Do a Card Reading?

Why do a card reading is an interesting question and one with many answers. The truth is how they are used, what their function, point, and purpose is, is as diverse as we are, for it is the individual using them that will generate those answers.