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My joy and my services are a direct result of my life’s journey and its many challenges that I met along the way. Having been conceived, carried, and born into abuse, hostility, and negativity. Involved in a marriage that resulted in multiple attempts on my life. I understand the challenges and damage these things bring and the effects on us in many ways and on many levels. Add to our life experiences that most of us come into new lives already disempowered, and haven’t lived in alignment with our Souls for many lifetimes.

Maureen Dodson

Yes, we have “Soul Lessons”, but this does not mean we have to simply sit, endure, and have life happen “to” us, (which is a falsehood we have chosen to believe). We can take a proactive, sincerely assertive approach instead by owning up to our choices and actions through non-judgment, discernment, and self-acceptance.  

When my world came crashing down on me, I left my husband, all my financial income was eliminated, I was homeless, my health was unstable… I essentially lost everything I had worked towards up to this point, so I needed answers, to understand, and to heal.

I tried the route of western practices. I did counseling, joined a church, and so forth. But the answers that I was given didn’t line up. They didn’t offer any of what I was seeking. I wanted to heal more than superficially, but deeply, to see a change in my day-to-day life and its quality. This led me down a whole new path. A path of remembering, learning, understanding, and healing. Embracing my own spirituality and what that meant and looked like to me regardless of the opinions of others. Accepting, learning, and expanding my intuition, my gifts, and what that looks like for me. I learned it didn’t have to take years and years to see change, to experience shifts, to heal from the past, and to expand my now and future.

For the last several years, I have been taking all I that have learned and experienced to create resources, tools, and energetic processes to assist myself and others on their journey to heal what has been, to shift their here and now, and greatly improve their future. Are you ready to Catapult forward?

Certifications and Training: B.S. of Psychology Life Coaching and Psychology Counseling at Liberty University, Fully Accredited Professional EFT Tapping Certification, Soul Realignment® Certification, Sacred Soul Alignments Certification (SSA), Oracle & Intuitive Card Reader Certification, Akashic Record Reading.

Phone: 530-645-8686 

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