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Create a Quick Access Link to WellMorph

Did you know that you could add a quick access link to a website on your phone or tablet? With a nice little icon, just like an app? The WellMorph website has been created with flexibility so that it looks nice and functions well on a desktop, table, or phone.  So add a quick access link and you will be able to view WellMorph no matter what device you are using!

Follow this link for the instructions on how to create a quick access link to WellMorph using the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers on an Android device:

Follow this link for instructions on how to create a quick access link to a website using the Safari browser on an Apple device, either an iPad or iPhone:

The website icon will look and act like an app icon. You can rearrange it along with other apps, you can add it to a folder, and you can even drag it to the dock. It’s a handy way to speed up your user experience for websites that you like to access often.

So pull out your phone and/or tablet, use the appropriate browser that can create the quick access link, visit the WellMorph website at and create your quick access link today!

Wellness to you,
WellMorph Team