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Kelly Robbins

I am Kelly Robbins, a Sacred Wisdom Coach and Energy Healer. I help people identify thoughts, beliefs, traumas, trapped emotions and stuck feelings which no longer serve them to bring wellness to one’s career, relationships, physical body, mental health, spiritualty, and even their pets.

Using well known coaching methods and techniques like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), theta healing derived energy healing techniques like Energetic Allergy Healing, Sacred Soul Alignments, and Co-creating Miracles with Sacred Light, and plant healing techniques like Psychic Plant Clairvoyant Healing, I am able to release what is no longer serving a person to create real change and shifts in their life.

I have also discovered that these coaching and energetic skills work beautifully with pets. And if I dig a little deeper, I may discover an Animal Soul Contract that is ready to heal and be release, which heals both the pet and pet guardian.

Along with the training and tools that I have learned, as I work with clients, I tap into a deep connection to universal knowledge, wisdom, and truth. I just KNOW what story a person needs to hear in the moment or I just KNOW the underlying belief that is keeping them stuck or I just KNOW what wise words of wisdom will shift perceptions for the person to lift their spirits and help them move forward.  I just know

When I am not busy coaching and doing energy work, I enjoy spending time with my husband Jeff, my 2 daughters Jennifer and Amanda, and my grandson Oliver. I also enjoy quilting, flowers, foraging, playing with my dog Jessie, and traveling the US with my adventurous husband.

Kelly Robbins' Offerings

Sacred Wisdom Coaching

Sacred Wisdom Coaching offers solutions that get to the root cause of what is holding you back from success, joy, and abundance in your business and life.

Sacred Wisdom Energy Healing

Sacred Wisdom Energy Healing offers energetic solutions to break free from old patterns, release blocks to success, and clears the way for true abundance in your business and life.

Sacred Wisdom Pet Healing

Sacred Wisdom Pet Healing offers solutions to resolve unhealthy behaviors, unresolved health issues, and cryptic messages your pet is trying to convey to you!

Kelly Robbins' Articles/Videos

Mandala Magic

At first, I felt like nothing was really happening as I spent time with my Mandala. But as time went on, I began to notice the subtle magic of its spell.

What if You KNEW?

If you are like me and suffer from an autoimmune or chronic disease that hasn’t resolved despite your best efforts over many years trying highly recommended products, visiting many doctors, and experiencing many kinds of acclaimed healing modalities, you might have a constant feeling of being discouraged, wondering what you are doing wrong, and skeptical that your situation ever end. “What if you KNEW that your situation would NEVER change?” “What if you KNEW you would NEVER fully heal?”

Should I Try?

I was laying on the massage table, enjoying the pain relief that the massage therapist was providing me in my session when she asked me a question, “Have you ever considered lymph drainage massage?”

10 Steps to Speaking up for Yourself

Have you ever said “yes” when you really wanted to say “no”? Have you ever compliantly accepted a “no” from somebody when everything inside you screamed, “Speak up and get a yes?” How about the times you’ve wanted to shout, “This is what I want,” but stifled it and kept quiet?

Kelly Robbins

Drawing upon extensive life coaching and energy work experience,  I help people identify thoughts, beliefs, traumas, trapped emotions, and stuck feelings which no longer serve them to bring wellness to people’s careers, relationships, physical body, mental health, spiritual health, and even their pets!