Transition to a New Kind of Wellness®

Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE)

Advanced Clearing Energetics looks at why we get sick in the first place. What was the root cause and finding those answers so they can either be prevented or cleared at the core.

Advanced Clearing Energetics:

Level 1 ACE

ACE Level 1 lays the groundwork for all ACE Trainings. It provides the Key Strategies behind the process of Advanced Clearing Energetics that allow you to find the root cause of a pain or disease and clear it.

Level 2 ACE

Once you have the simple core strategies of ACE under your belt, ACE Level 2 will take you through more specifics of how your body works and communicates head to toe. Understand how the body really functions and how the brain, heart, organs and guts all interact. Level 2 takes a look at some specific health issues and much much more

Level 3 ACE

ACE Level 3 takes a close look at psychological disease/illness and mental health issues. This multi-level course will provide you with a incredible understanding of the power of the mind (brain) and its direct relation to stress events, common treatments and how to work with a client presenting these type of issues.